Aer Lingus Swim Club has been established for over 50 years with the single aim of introducing children of all abilities, nationalities, and social backgrounds to participate in our swim programmes and achieve their full potential in the sport of swimming. The club has been very successful in this aim, with thousands of swimmers passing through the club. Some reaching Junior Olympic level whilst others have continued the sport throughout their lives for pleasure and leisure. Learning to Swim is a very important life skill which can save your life and that of others.

Learn to Swim

To introduce children of all abilities, nationalities, and social backgrounds to the sport of swimming. Through successfully completing our learn to swim programme our students will have learned an invaluable life skill, also through fun and confidence in the water be prepared for future enjoyment of water sports.


C Group

To move our “learn to swim” entrants to the next level of swimming, learning the basics of the swimming strokes.


B Group

 The Objective of the B Group Squad is to take C Group swimmers and start to focus on fitness and technique, getting our swimmers ready for their first competitive/fun gala’s building on their techniques and fitness.


Age Group

Age Group swimmers will be mastering all the swimming strokes and techniques required for competitive swimming including starts, turns, streamlining and dives. They will start to increase the number of swim sessions to continue to build their fitness levels. This group will be achieving national Div 1 or Div 2 times


Senior squad swimmers are the top swimmers in the club, they will have Div 1 qualifying times and looking for achievement at Leinster, Irish National, National Schools, Junior Olympic or Junior European Level events.