The Age Group squad is the next stage in competitive swimming after B Group. Swimmers in this squad are working towards achieving qualifying times for regional and national competitions. Swimmers  range in age from 11 - 15 years. During this stage of swimming, swimmers will further refine their swimming technique and develop greater speed and endurance. Training becomes more structured and intense, with a focus on stroke refinement aerobic capacity and race-specific skills. Swimmers will often compete in lots of competitions to gain experience and improve their competitive skills.  Mental preparation and goal-setting aspects are continued to be worked upon during this stage. Age group squad trains 5 times a week in Sportslink & Westwood,Clontarf, our training times can be found here

  1. Swim Ireland Membership : All swimmers must become members of Swim Ireland, this will be arranged via the club. And the cost is included as part of the club registration fee.
  2. Sportslink Membership:  All swimmers must become members of Sportslink. There is an annual family membership that is offered to club members. Please contact Sportslink directly.

  • Club registration fee: 80 Euro : Annual
  • Club swim fee: Due Monthly : Please contact for fee information

Meet Our Coaches

Pheiran Zhan

Lead Coach 1

Maxim Colac

Lead Coach 2