The Senior Squad comprises of the clubs high performers & elite swimmers ranging in age from 13 - 18+ years. Swimmers may start  to specialize in specific strokes or distances based on their strengths and preferences. Mental toughness, goal-setting, and time management skills continue to be emphasized during this stage of development. The focus is on maximising physical conditioning, refining technique to near-perfection, and achieving peak performance for major competitions such as nationals. Some swimmers may even qualify for international events like Junior European Championships or Junior Youth Olympics. Swimmers in seniors work closely with the coaches to optimize every aspect of their performance, including stroke mechanics, race strategy, nutrition, recovery techniques and mental preparation. Training becomes highly specialized and intensive, often including multiple daily sessions and dryland training. Seniors training 8-9 times as week in Sportlink & Westwood, Clontarf, our training times can be found here

  1. Swim Ireland Membership : All swimmers must become members of Swim Ireland, this will be arranged via the club. And the cost is included as part of the club registration fee.
  2. Sportslink Membership:  All swimmers must become members of Sportslink. There is an annual family membership that is offered to club members. Please contact Sportslink directly.

  • Club registration fee: 80 Euro : Annual
  • Club swim fee: Due Monthly : Please contact for fee information

Meet Our Coaches

Alan Turner

Club Head Coach

Paul Nolan

Assistant Head Coach