B group is a competitive development squad and swimmers in time will progress to entering local & regional competitions. Swimmers in this squad range in age from 8 - 12 years. Within the squad there are 4 levels that swimmers will progress through, focusing on refining their swimming technique, building endurance, and learning race strategies. They will also work on starts, streamlining, turns, and finishes along with proper breathing techniques. Dryland training will be part of the program, and will include some strength and flexibility exercises tailored to swimming movements. Mental preparation and goal-setting are also important aspects to learn during this stage. B group squad trains 3 times a week in Sportslink, our training times can be found here

  1. Swim Ireland Membership : All swimmers must become members of Swim Ireland, this will be arranged via the club. And the cost is included as part of the club registration fee.
  2. Sportslink Membership:  All swimmers must become members of Sportslink. There is an annual family membership that is offered to club members. Please contact Sportslink directly.

  • Club registration fee: 80 Euro : Annual
  • Club swim fee: Due Monthly : Please contact for fee information

Meet Our Coaches


Jonathan Lambert

Lead Coach

Maxim Colac

Assistant Coach

Greg Straton

Assistant Coach

Isabella Purcell

Assistant Coach

Heather Leogue

Assistant Coach