Lessons Classes

Step 1 - Learn to Swim Program

The 4+ group is our introductory training group, and they train 40 minutes per week. 

We run two beginners’ groups on a Saturday from 6pm to 6:40pm, and  6:40pm to 7:20pm in Ballymun Sports & Fitness Centre

Through successfully completing of our learn to swim programme our swimmers will have learnt an invaluable life skill, also through fun and confidence in the water be prepared for future enjoyment of water sports.  Our lessons classes are offered to children aged 4 -12 years, consisting of 5 levels.

 Step 2 -  C Squad

C Squad - There is a pathway of progression for our 'Learn to Swim' members; on successfully completion of lessons classes, some swimmers will have the option to move into an advanced lessons class for swimmers with an interest in competitive swimming. This class focuses on technique in all 4 strokes and stamina and swimmers will typically be aged between 7 to 11 years old.       


C Squad swimmers train one hour per week on a Friday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in Sportlink.

Children should bring a water bottle to every session in order to keep hydrated.

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